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#1: Introducing the Cultivating Resiliency for Women in Agriculture Podcast

In this introduction, we meet Shauna Reitmeier, LGSW and Dr. Brenda Mack, DSW, LICSW.

#2: What is Stress?

This session focuses on stress and defining it in the context of agriculture and farming.

#3: Coping with Stress and Positive Self Talk

In this episode, we discuss coping with stress and using positive self-talk.

#4: You Can’t Pour from An Empty Cup Part 1 - Making Self Care and Sleep Intentional

In this episode, we refill our cups by learning how to make self care and sleep intentional in the midst of busy agricultural responsibilities.

#5: You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup Part 2 - Strategies to Get and Stay Energized

In this session, we continue our conversation on filling your cup, focusing on how to get and stay energized.

#6: Increasing Joy and Happiness in Agriculture

In this session, we focus on increasing joy and happiness even in the midst of stressful times in agriculture.

#7: Building and Maintaining Relationships in Stressful Times - What's a healthy relationship?

Today, we discuss relationships in the context of our agricultural way of life. From families, friends, casual, romantic, to the relationship we have with ourselves, relationships can help us reduce stress but also can cause stress.

#8: Building and Maintaining Relationships in Stressful Times - Communicating Effectively

In this companion to Episode #7, we talk about communicating effectively as a way to build and maintain our relationships.

#9: Putting it all together

In this episode, we take a look back at previous Cultivating Resiliency for Women in Ag podcast episodes and "put it all together" in summary.

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